Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I am so Thankful!

2014 has been an epic year for me and I have to stop for a second and take stock in all I am so thankful for... I thought I would share photo's of just some of the people and things that I am thankful for this year... Life is good.

so thankful for this!!

Couldn't be more thankful to get to spend time with my Grandma

couldn't be more excited about being a BERNINA ambassador or my new B 750QE

so thankful I got to meet people in person who were excited about my book at Quilt Market

Thankful for making new friends and getting to see old ones (Angela Walters & I at Quilt Markets with Jamie Mueller photobomb)
Thankful for this new puppy Kipper in our lives and the gorgeous guy I get to share him with

and lets not forget these two... my original babies... Moose and Juki!

These are just some of the many things that brought me joy and laughter this year, what are you most thankful for?  Hope you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Keeping up with Holiday Traditions and a book winner announced!

This weekend I finished up that little chain piecing project I started early this week.  I didn't have time to finish it, I made time- because it was to honor a holiday tradition.  My darling guy is a sentimental sort and he decided when I started quilting that it would be nice to gift me with holiday fabric every Christmas so before the next Christmas I could make a little something (or in some years past a big something) for us.  I always relished in this and have had lots of fun in years past making things and loving it.  This year with the holidays fast approaching my little pile of holiday FQs sat staring at me... gathering dust for 11 months- and with the book just out and more that I can't talk about yet I just didn't have the time.  It occurred to me earlier in the week that I would never just HAVE the time right now, I would have to put other things to the side and make it a priority if I wanted to keep up with my tradition- and I did, so I did.  I set aside 4 hours and cranked out 3 simple patchwork quilted pillow shams to cheer up our couch and coordinate with my Christmas quilts.  I will share more about how I quilted them on Friday when I chat with Grandma about the versatility of the loop de loop stitch.  Be sure to stay tuned for that.  For now here are some pictures of the finished pillows as well as some of the holiday tradition makes from years past.  Also I have to pick a winner for the free signed copy of my book and the random number generator picked....JULIE comment number 17.  Julie please email me your info so I can get you your free copy!.   I will be giving another copy away on Friday so if you missed your chance come back then to enter to win again!  I will also be giving a copy away on my facebook page to the first person to post a picture of my book for sale in a store- so stop by and LIKE my page to join the fun.

this years three pillows

one of my earlier quilts, and the first holiday project to feature FMQ

feathered Xs

Jumbo project!  big present little present.... from last year

chain of pearls to look like snow in the binding and loopy rows in the presents... quick and fun quilting!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Last day of the blog hop- and you get three opinions for the price of one! :)

I have to say the single coolest thing about writing this book so far has been seeing what people are inspired to try after reading it.  It makes my teacher heart happy to help others and when I see the pictures of beautiful quilting from people I know were too scared to try or frustrated by a previous experience- wow what a feeling.  An overwhelming sense of pride in the quilter who is conquering her fears and working through the trials and getting it done- that is the feeling.  I had that feeling big time today when I gazed upon the lovely work that three of my designer friends at Thermoweb came up with to review my book.  That is right you get to hear from three amazing designers, all very talented in their own right, and all who were helped in their free motion quilting journey with my book- it's quite inspiring.  I hope you take the time to read their stories and comment to win a prize pack from Thermoweb and a free copy of my book.  Thanks to all who have followed along with my blog tour.  I so appreciate hearing from you all- and would love it if you would show me what you are working on with free motion quilting- especially if you are using my book to help you.  Please like my facebook page and feel free to share pictures, or contact me personally and share away. 
This is one of the first projects I designed for the Thermoweb blog!  It is an appliqued guitar with song lyrics as the quilting, made for my dad.