Monday, April 14, 2014

It was a very good day to be me!

Last Friday was a very good day to be me- I got to pick up my beautiful new BERNINA 750 QE from Lori, the owner of Ralphs Sew & Vac my local BERNINA dealer.  The perks of ambassadorship are many, let me count the ways!  I now have 10 glorious inches of throat space to move my quilt around when free motion quilting.  I now have a stitch regulator, and functions like a knee presser, automatic thread cutter, tons of decorative stitches, a 9mm wide stitch width... you name it!  So far my very favorite feature hands down though has been that extra large bobbin- I started with a 105 yard spool of thread, and filled the bobbin once, and I am just about equally out of thread and bobbin at the same time- never changing the bobbin... amazing.   That type of upgrade is a real time saver- especially when free motion quilting I HATE stopping to change/fill bobbins.  Yes indeed, I am a lucky girl to get to play with this stunning machine over the next year.  I am just starting to get to know her but stay tuned for lots more fun as we get acquainted.

here are some fun pictures of me getting to pick her up and take a quick lesson at Ralphs.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Puzzle Quilting Tutorial

I recently had the pleasure of joining in on a Webinar for BERNINA.  I will share the link as soon as it is available.  I talked about my puzzle quilt on the Webinar and a few people asked about it.   I made a tutorial a few years back for it, but fear it is lost in the depths of my blog.  For anyone who might be interested in learning this stitch design here is the link to the tutorial.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship Me + Bernina!

This is me taking ownership of my first Bernina machine (Activa 210) that I won in an apron making contest
I am beyond excited to have permission to make a very exciting announcement~ I have been bestowed the honor of being chosen to be an Ambassador for Bernina for the next year.  For anyone not familiar with what that is - I get to represent the brand and contribute with projects patterns and blog posts)  If you have been following my blog for long you likely already know that my sewing journey really took off when I won a Bernina sewing machine (an Activa 210) in a Bernina sponsored apron making contest a few years back, and I have loved the company and my dear prize machine loyally ever since.  To be able to be an ambassador for the brand is just amazing, and so very exciting.  I will be getting to loan and test a very fancy and BIG new machine for the next year- and I can't wait to get my hands on it.  (Any day now I am told)  Which one you ask?  Well you will just have to wait and see!  So- stand by for lots more fun and get to know my new machine with me- I sure am ready for a fun year- are you?